Sometimes some crimes go slipping through the cracks

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Forget: Sometimes some crimes go slipping through the cracks. There's no case too big, no case too small, when you need help just call. But these two Gumshoes are picking up the slack.

Все тексты и слова песен, переводы, клипы и видео принадлежат их авторам. Копирование любых материалов сайта допускается лишь при наличии активной обратной ссылки. Not since Watson and Mr. Автовоспроизведение Если функция включена, то следующий ролик начнет воспроизводиться автоматически. Вот, у кого-нибудь есть слова? Только я имею в виду полную версию, не заставку к мультфильму.

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Not since Watson and Mr. Not since Watson and Mr.

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Disney Afternoon Theme

When you need help just call. Chi-chi-chi-chip and Dale! All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. All lyrics provided for educational purposes only. When you need help just call.

Song Lyrics: Disney Afternoon

Chi-chi-chi-chip and Dale! Используйте ВКонтакте, Одноклассники или Facebook, чтобы связаться с друзьями и активизировать участников вашей социальной сети. Введите email и пароль для Tekstovoi. Отправьте себе запрос об изменении пароля, а затем проверьте свой почтовый ящик.

Оригинал "Chip n Dale - Rescue Rangers"

The lyrics to Sky Pirates have been contributed by Jeffrey Mika. Bringing you a Disney afternoon (hey! Bringing you a Disney afternoon (hey! Don't it make you wanna sing along?

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Bringing you a Disney afternoon (hey! Bringing you a Disney afternoon (hey! Can't you feel the buzz? Not since Watson and Mr.

Mark Mueller - Chip N Dales Rescue Rangers Theme Lyrics

There's enough to last a week, and that is quite a lot! It's extra-ordinary, and it tastes really great! And eat burly barley stew! But we never smash our thumbs (ouch! Ooh-ooh-ooh-oohooh. Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh. Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh. When you spin it, spin it, spin it! Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh. Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh. We also give you gifts (great gifts! And service on which to bank (great bank! Put a monkey in your tank! Make sure the cranks all crank (they crank! Put a monkey in your tank! You keep the bank, we got the cash! We're gonna' get away before we're caught! We'll smile for our next mug shot!

They are the Gummi Bears! Louie:] I got class, pananche, I'm in the groove. Baloo:] As long as you don't try to move!

I got style, grace and a crazy beat. Louie:] I've got a problem I can't explain. Baloo:] I'll be there with the plane! Louie:] You learned from me!

Chip And Dale Rescue Rangers lyrics

Baloo:] If you can find the key! Baloo:] I'm stuck on a mountain without a hope. Louie:] I'll be there with the rope! Louie:] Oh, you sure are cute! Baloo:] They fit me better than your monkey suit! Baloo:] Here I am, and if I get sick. Louie:] I'll fix it quick, and if I fall in love. Both:] We're friends for life! (Don't trouble him with trouble, man, he's gone! (He loves to be above it all, he's gone! Bodies crashing, molars gnashing! And the keeling, what a feeling!

Disney Afternoon Theme

Take the sky by thunder! You know what I'm saying? Just think of all the people we can cheat! It keeps us in the air and off the street!

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We're as good at being bad as bad can get! To capture captivating Cape Suzette! Not since Watson and Mr. Все тексты и переводы представлены для ознакомления.

Оригинал "Chip n Dale - Rescue Rangers"

Права на тексты песен, переводы принадлежат их авторам. Sometimes, some crimes go slipping through the cracks, but we vow to you, not an ounce of over-analysis will slip through the cracks of this article about the penultimate ‘90s jam: the Rescue Rangers theme song. This is the most important word-by-word deconstruction of a theme song starring animated chipmunks maybe ever.

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So we won’t delay it any further. It’s a sad truth that many crimes that plague our streets oft go undetected. This lyric sets the gritty tone needed for Chip ‘n’ Dale to swoop in and save the day, while establishing urgency and necessity. We are introduced to our chipmunk detectives, nay, heroes. And we have a keen sense straightaway that nothing will ever be the same. The slack has been picked up, as it were, and bad guys had better get ready to take a hike. Not only are Chip ‘n’ Dale world-class crime solvers, they are also world-class guys willing to help anyone who may need their assistance.

We’ve yet to be given the names of our heroes and we are hungry to learn more about them. Their names are only one syllable, so we can easily pronounce and remember them and together they are a team that enjoys alliteration. Rangers” implies that they are an official crime-solving crew and “Rescue” is clearly both literal and metaphorical in nature. The nitty gritty: danger. We’re instantly snapped out of momentary Chip ‘n’ Dale heroic reverie.